Protected: Sun Salutation

I have been teaching Abbie and Harry the Sun Salutation over the last couple of weeks – we felt it was about time we tried a ‘real’ sun salutation. Not to be put off by the heavy frost we took the yoga mats into the garden and found the best spot to... read more


Waterblog Inspired by Roger Deakin’s Waterlog, Abbie and I are going to write our own Waterlog, however we have decided on a new name, Waterblog. We really liked this quote in Deakin’s book “Water is H2O, hydrogen two parts, oxygen one, but there is... read more


Nano- extremely small, minute This morning Abbie and I took Alastair Humphreys’ Microadventure concept one stage further and created ‘Nanoadventures‘!! This is a really small adventure to try when you don’t have time for a microadventure; for... read more

Winter walks

Over the last few weekends we have been trying to do a regular Sunday morning walk. Last week we hiked from the East cliff to the Warren, the weather was amazing and today we walked in Lyminge forest in the grey drizzle. Family walks can be boring for children so we... read more

Zip wire in the dark

As part of a health and safety inspection Harry, Ian and I went to the park tonight to try the zip wire in the dark Thankfully there were no H and S issues (other than not falling off the platform!) and we decided that the ride felt much faster as you disappear into... read more

Flint and Steel

Last weekend I tried out one of my Christmas presents – a flint and steel Actually no – Abbie, Harry and I all tried out my new Christmas present in the garden. Harry was v envious and questioned why he hadn’t got a flint and steel from Father... read more

Walks with great endings…

We tried a new walk today from the Tiger in Stowting with Christine and Eleanor Coming out of the pub there is a footpath to the right through the field behind the pub. We passed through 2 fields, across a road and then through a larger field. This field passes a farm... read more

Center Parcs at Christmas

After surviving another trip to Center Parcs here are my top tips!! Pool Go swimming when it is dark so that you can moon bathe and navigate the rapids with only fairy lights. If you feel cold in the outdoor pool because the air temperature is zero degrees, jump in... read more

Our Christmas

 Our Christmas Crib service Stockings from Santa for Abbie and for Harry Christmas games – Blackjack Granny tries out Harry’s new crossbow Me – looking like an elf extra from Lord of the Rings Harry tries out his new tennis racquet against Ian Very... read more

Gingerbread Leeds castle

Photos from our visit to Leeds castle – the theme this year was gingerbread….  Henry VIII Gingerbread Black swan gingerbread (this photo is for all our relatives in Western Australia!) We loved the gingerbread nativity! This is Harry’s collage of the... read more

London, Lego and Paddington Bear

Today we visited The Art of the Brick exhibition in London. This is a serious Lego art exhibition of sculptures and pictures made just from Lego bricks and definitely not LEGOLAND!! We were inspired and really wondered what we had been doing with our Lego collection... read more


  I have been reading Alastair Humphreys’ website this week He describes himself as an adventurer, author and motivational speaker who promotes the idea of adventure accessible to all! So what is an... read more