Bubbles etc…

I borrowed this library book today to get some ideas for Beavers for next term – it has some great suggestions for outdoor activities. I find it is usually a good idea to test them out first on some willing subjects…. (aka Abbie and Harry!)

photo 1g

We chose to try making giant bubbles using string and 2 sticks. Basically you have to cut 3 pieces of string one the length of the sticks tied between the top of both sticks, one 1/2 the length of the sticks tied between the bottom of the two sticks and the last twice the length of the sticks tied between the top of the 2 sticks. Dip the string in the bubble mixture and slowly stretch the sticks apart. We found that due to the size of the bubbles you need to add extra washing up liquid to the bubble mixture. It is also easier to have 2 people – one holding the sticks and the other the string. From a health and safety point of view the only injury was when Harry flicked bubble mixture into Abbie’s eye – she was not impressed as can be seen from the photo below she edited…

photo 1b

Not only was she unimpressed with the eye incident but also with the fact that Harry spent most of the day singing Kate Bush hits?????! More about that later… Anyway we took some good pictures which I will share…..

photo 1c


photo 1e

Harry then worked out that you could just dip your hands in the solution to make really cool bubbles

photo 1a

Abbie was still suspicious of Harry…..

photo 1d

Our verdict – I think a great activity for the Beavers but maybe we will need an eye bath on standby and we should avoid playing Kate Bush….. ever!